Since the very beginning, working with the Soglasnik Language Cooperative has exceeded all expectations. The translations are delivered on time (sometimes even early!) and are of high and consistent quality. The translators always approach our texts with genuine interest and are willing to cooperate with us when the topic is particularly specific and challenging.
Another thing that helped win us over is their philosophy of fair pay for everyone in the service chain, from intermediaries to language professionals, which the Soglasnik Language Cooperative has successfully adhered to since the very beginning.
We recommend them without reservation.

Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana


Velenje Castle, which houses our museum, is often chosen as a wedding venue. Nowadays, it is not unusual for the newlyweds to speak different languages, in which case the wedding ceremony requires an interpreter in addition to the official celebrant and the registrar. Since a wedding is such a singularly important event, a superb service is required from the interpreter that goes beyond just satisfying the regulations; the interpreter helps shape the ceremony, contributing to the solemnity of the occasion. In my experience, the quality of interpretation at weddings and other special occasions varies a great deal, and I have to say it has rarely been as good as that provided by Soglasnik’s interpreters.

Velenje Museum


We hired the Soglasnik Language Cooperative for simultaneous interpretation from English to Slovene (and vice versa) at a professional congress commemorating the 70th anniversary of our company. Despite the highly demanding content of the congress and the very short preparation time, the interpreters did a superb job. Highly recommended!



We hold regular international conferences on social economy in Maribor and we simply can’t imagine doing it without Soglasnik anymore. Time and again, they’ve proven themselves to be reliable and professional. We are particularly proud to be collaborating with a group of translators and interpreters organised into a cooperative.

Združenje CAAP, so. p.


We place great importance on making our events accessible to those who have a poor understanding of English, so we make sure we provide a translation if at all possible. We also want our foreign guests to be able to follow the discussion among the Slovene participants, as that is the only way to ensure the effective exchange of knowledge and experience. We successfully cooperate with the Soglasnik Language Cooperative, which provides professional interpretation services and support in organising quality international events.



Specialised literature comes with specific sets of rules regarding terminology, narrative, argumentation techniques and technical peculiarities. Legal texts require proofreaders with a refined sense for balancing the technical and euphonic aspects of such texts, since due to their systemic nature, authors, editors and publishers strive to conceive technically impeccable works that are at the same time understandable to the general reader. At the Soglasnik Language Cooperative, they do not shy away from such a challenge. Their experienced and linguistically trained proofreaders provide excellent services time and again.

The Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia


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