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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Soglasnik Language Cooperative is not just another language service provider. The Cooperative was established by committed young language professionals who wanted better working conditions and a friendlier work environment. We are committed and professional in providing translation, proofreading, interpreting and teaching services. In addition, the cooperative nature of our business enables us to materialise the values that we stand for:



All the members of the cooperative are also its owners. We make business decisions together and co-manage the cooperative.



The greater part of the revenue goes to the person actually performing the job. In view of this, the Cooperative retains approximately 35% of the total order value, while the remaining amount is paid to our translators, proofreaders, interpreters or teachers.



Our revenue distribution is clear and accessible to both our clients and our members.



We deduct 1.2% of our total revenues for our local environment fund. The fund is intended to promote various projects, for example free language teaching assistance for disadvantaged children.

We know that we are on the right track. Our specific cooperative arrangement and work conditions enable us to fully commit to providing top-quality services that in turn generate an ever-greater number of satisfied customers.


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Daša Ložar


Favourite animal: beaver
Favourite car: Panda

Petra Krapež

English and Italian translator

Favourite film: any film not involving Woody Allen

Tadej Rosa

English translator

In his spare time, he is a vampire.

Katarina Kodele Zadnikar

Project manager,
English and Italian interpreter and translator

Na burji zorjena.

Maša Dolanc

English and German
interpreter and translator

She loves daifukumochi (大福餅).

Andreja Pobega Bizjak

English translator

“Is there any tea on this spaceship?” – Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Tina Perić

Development officer and office manager

If the USA is so great then why
did someone create the USB? -Author unknown

Vesna Puh Kranjc


Mujer de siesta y fiesta

Marko Janša

Lektor za slovenski jezik

Nihče ne stopi dvakrat v isto
reko, razen v Savo Bohinjko.


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Gregor Koler

German language teacher

Was ist ein Einbruch in eine Bank gegen die Gründung einer Bank? (Bertolt Brecht: Die Dreigroschenoper)

Ana Petrovčič

+ Ana Kozole, Petra Flerin

Boštjan Jurič

1984 – 2022

Boško is our honorary member, from whom we parted far too soon and with indescribable sadness. He was our friend and our colleague. He had a fatal accident in the mountains, the place he loved so much.

Boštjan Jurič led our cooperative for six years. His ideas, his dedication, his comradeship and his philosophy of life have become an indelible part of each of us and of what we do. His strong will and his belief that we can change things for the better, and that we can do so with smiles on our faces. His eternal willingness to listen to his interlocutors, even when they had a completely different point of view. Or perhaps even more so in such cases. His unconventional way of thinking and acting. His soft leadership and ability to bring people together. His selflessness – to be there for others. His sense of responsibility. His love for the mountains, for nature in general and above all for his girls, Ana, Tisa and Pina. All of this remains with us, and so in a way, he does as well.

We are not giving him up. He will always be part of the Soglasnik team, he will always be ours.

So, Boško, this is not really a goodbye for us, you will always remain with us.

Your friends from Soglasnik

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