Take a look at our pricelist and see why we are not the cheapest language service provider out there.


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The language service market, particularly translation and proofreading, is often marked by uncertainty, dumping prices and precarious working conditions. One of the main reasons for this is that language professions are not regulated, which allows virtually anyone to venture into translation. When we established the Soglasnik Language Cooperative, our main goal was to provide high-quality translations performed by experienced linguists who are university graduates in language studies. At the same time, we wished to provide better working conditions and payment for our members and external partners.

We believe that fair work deserves fair payment. Commonly, when the price is (too) low, there is someone in the value chain being taken advantage of. For us, one way of standing up to this is to ensure that our members and external partners receive fair payment for their experience and expertise. Therefore, we simply cannot afford to price our services too low. On the other hand, prices have to be affordable for our clients. Therefore, our cooperative only retains around 30% of the revenue generated from an individual order, an amount necessary for operation. This results in mutual satisfaction.


Now that you know you could find cheaper language services, you might be asking yourselves: “But what is truly in it for me?” No more and no less than a tailored approach to every order resulting in top-notch texts of impeccable quality. Our cooperative business model with permanent translation positions ensures that your orders will almost always be handled by the same translator/proofreader who knows your organisation and specialises in texts from your field. Oh, and did we mention that the price for translation already includes proofreading by a native speaker of the target language?

Quality always comes at a certain price, but then again, it may save you the trouble and money of dealing with bad translations in the future.

So, if you want to go for quality, go for Soglasnik.

The following diagram shows the average allocation of the revenue from your order:

We strongly advocate for transparency. Because of this, we are one of the few to have pricelists available on our website. The prices are not final and depend on the complexity and volume of the text.

We invite you to send us an inquiry and we are sure that we will be able to reach an agreement. Send an inquiry. We are open to an agreement.

Send an inquiry. We are open to an agreement.

You don’t like forms?

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ServicePrice per standard page (1,500 characters without spaces)
Translation from another language into SlovenianEUR 26.00 € - 31.00 + VAT
Translation from Slovenian into another languageEUR 27.00 € - 35.50 + VAT
Translation from one language into another language (not including Slovenian)EUR 33.00 - 40.00 + VAT
StoritevCena na avtorsko
stran (1500 znakov
brez presledkov)
Prevod iz tujega jezika
v slovenščino
26,00 € - 31,00 €
Prevod iz slovenščine
v tuji jezik
27,00 € - 35,50 €
Prevod iz tujega
v tuj jezik
33,00 € - 40,00 €

All of our translations are proofread by native speakers of the target language.

To get an exact quote, please send us an inquiry together with the text to be translated.


ServicePrice per standard page (1,500 characters without spaces)
Proofreading of a Slovenian textEUR 3.50 € - 5.00 + DDV
Proofreading of a text in a language other than SlovenianEUR 8.00 € - 12.00 + DDV
StoritevCena na avtorsko
stran (1500 znakov
brez presledkov)
Lektura besedila
v slovenščini
3,50 € - 5,00 €
Lektura besedila
v tujem jeziku
8,00 € - 12,00 €

All texts are proofread by native speakers of the target language.


In interpreting, many factors influence the final quote, so we would be happy if you could send us an enquiry and tell us as much as possible about the event you need an interpreter for.

Thank you for your message! We’ll reply as soon as possible.

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