SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: >>> Hanging out while learning a new language! <<<

In the current circumstances, many of us have suddenly found themselves with much more free time on their hands. Online language courses by Soglasnik give you the opportunity to use this time to learn English, German, French and other languages.

Here are the advantages of the private Skype courses of Slovene at Soglasnik:

 You begin immediately – an online course can commence whenever you want.
 You learn at home – all you need is a computer, an internet connection and the Skype application.
 They are more affordable – an online course costs less than a conventional course that you attend in person.
 The schedule and the curriculum are personalised – we adapt the course to your needs and wishes.

Who are the online courses designed for

 -    if you have a busy schedule and lack of time;
 -    If you are a beginner or advanced learner;
 -    if you want rapid progress and are looking for a course that is tailored to your needs.

Two’s company—and it’s cheaper!

You can enrol in an online course together with a friend, a co-worker or your significant other. This will make learning even more fun, as well as cheaper.

Can I try it out first?

If you have no previous experience with e-learning, you can try the online course out for free. Get in touch by calling us at 064 222 744 or using the e-mail address  

We will arrange a short demo lesson. This will give you an idea of how the online courses work and whether this learning approach fits you.

The trial lesson carries no obligation and is free.

Who will be my teacher?

The teachers at Soglasnik are highly experienced in teaching both foreign languages and Slovene. All of us are trained linguists, with many years of experience teaching adults and children alike. We supplement our formal education through additional education at home and abroad, attending seminars and international conferences.
At Soglasnik, we teach English, German, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, French and Italian, as well as Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish and other languages.
At Soglasnik, the teachers place great emphasis on conversation, and we always make sure to adapt the learning content to your wishes and requirements.
We firmly believe that teaching can be captivating and fun—this is why we use modern teaching materials, as well as examples taken from pop culture, like films, music, comic books and television series, and the current affairs and culture associated with the language being taught.

Package range

Individual online courses

10 hours on the A1–B1 levels
305 €
30 hours on the A1–B1 levels
869 €
60 hours on the A1–B1 levels
1647 €

Online courses for pairs

10 hours on the A1–B1 levels
183 €
30 hours on the A1–B1 levels
521 €
60 hours on the A1–B1 levels
988 €

The prices of our Skype language courses depend on the type and proficiency level of the course, as well as on how many hours you buy. All prices include VAT. Payment in multiple instalments is possible.

Additional information about the online language courses

Online language courses are an excellent choice for those of you who like to learn and improve in the comfort of your own home. Learning a language through an online course is much like taking an individual course, except that you don't need to drive to the classroom and the course itself is even more personalised and better adapted to your style and pace of learning. An online course does not tie you to a particular place. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, in a hotel room at an international conference, or on a working vacation abroad—just make a cup of your favourite tea or coffee and meet your teacher on Skype.
An online course is suitable for those of you who want to refresh your conversational skills in German, learn Croatian for business, or tackle Spanish. We offer online courses at various levels. Likewise, you can choose between general Skype language courses and those focused on business or conversational language.
We've also prepared multi-level Slovene language courses for foreigners: from the basics, through simple conversations, to full command of the most important elements of Slovene in both private and business contexts.
All courses follow the proficiency level scheme outlined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages—CEFR.
The language courses—just like the rest of our services—are offered on the basis of the fair pay for honest work principle; this means that the majority of the income goes towards the teacher. The cooperative only keeps what it needs for its operation. This means that in supporting us, you support fair allocation of profit and business transparency.